IMG_3271-600cNancy Clarke believes it is the trainer’s role to bring out the best in the existing partnership. She focuses on balance; a balanced horse is confident in its own movement, a balanced rider is confident in the ability to create a supple partnership with the horse. She trains both the rider and the horse, individually and as a pair. For the rider, when there is a need, she has a schoolmaster to help to explain a feel or a concept.

“My goal is to become ‘invisible’ to my students; to become a voice you hear in your head as you ride on your own. I think it is a trainer’s responsibility to equip students to handle the day to day, stride by stride, realities of the horses they are riding. To teach how to clearly communicate your intent without force and let the horse do the work without endless demoralizing corrections,” says Nancy Clarke of her training philosophy.

IMG_3216-600cHorses are as individual as the people who own and ride them. Her training program takes into account this uniqueness while emphasizing the fundamental requirements of suppleness and balance. Through correct longeing and work in hand, many horses begin to reveal the other horse inside. This is very exciting. As the horse discovers new things he can do, his rider sees the horse from a new perspective.