Adrienne Iguchi


Adrienne with Bayberry

Working with Nancy has been an amazing and rewarding journey. For years I had been instructed to have a certain “look” when riding, such as a certain position, angle or frame.  It didn’t’ matter how I achieved this look as long as I got there, and I would be exhausted from my rides from holding tension in my body and from carrying my horse.  Nancy has taught me to achieve proper connection to my horse in balance, lightness and relaxation and my horse has learned to carry herself!  We are now a happy and willing team.  Nancy has an ability to take something that you relate to and apply it to your riding in order to access you and your horse’s true potential.  Despite the physical limitations of my horse due to muscle disease (EPSM) as well as breed disadvantages (forehand heavy draft cross), Nancy was able to help us improve core strength and balance and I was able to help my horse achieve lightness without pushing and pulling! Every lesson was completely custom tailored to me and my horse on that particular day. Always within our limits and abilities and never with judgement

Adrienne Iguchi and Bayberry

Adrienne with Bayberry

or criticism.  Our flat and jumping work has dramatically improved.  We are now happily schooling BN/Novice cross country, jumping 3’+ stadium courses and working on Training level dressage!