Joan Jacques

IMG_2227It’s been only 3 years since I first picked up my reins. I have ridden consistently 3-4 times a week, participated in numerous hunter paces and galloped along nearby trails. I took weekly lessons from different trainers, wanting to be a good rider and a better partner for my horse. One thing they all had in common was the emphasis on using aids, left leg, right leg, inside hand, outside hand and half halts just to name a few. “Do this if your horse does that.. ” In the end, I was working harder than my horse, multi-tasking in the saddle and often- ended up confusing myself and my horse. He was not a happy partner, there was no connection and I wasn’t riding any better than when I started.
I was watching a gentleman take lessons with Nancy in my property. Soon, I found myself sitting by the porch every weekend to watch Nancy teach. I decided to give it a try and I’m glad I did. Nancy helped me focus on myself, awareness of my body, balance and relaxation. She also worked on my horse, having him balanced, relaxed and connected. I’ve never worked so hard on sitting correctly, being constantly aware of my breathing, body, posture and seat. It made an enormous difference in the way I ride. I’m more confident and see my horse’s movement and behavior under saddle as a direct response to my seat and relaxation.
Nancy is a great teacher. She’s clear, consistent and lets you know when you’re doing it right. She’s also fun to be around so we find the time to laugh. I’m still training with her and look forward to each and every lesson. She also works with my husband and all three of our horses, keeping their best interest in everything she does and teach.