Training in Lightness

IMG_3290-600cNancy Clarke works with all breeds and levels of training. A young horse beginning work, an older one needing a tuneup, perhaps a re­schooling project.

Every horse has a story, and it is not always the one which is obvious to us. The process of training is similar to uncovering a garden path that has become overgrown: unless you are the one who built the path, it is hard to know which bricks might be missing until you have cleared away all the debris.

“When I meet a horse and rider, the training process includes a review of basic skills to see if there are “bricks” that are solid, or in need of simple repair and realignment, or missing entirely. This part of the work informs what follows and begins with work on the longe and work in hand.I find that this review serves as an introduction to French Classical Dressage while establishing the outline of the specific program for the student and her horse.”

Each program is unique and all incorporate the principles taught by Dominique Barbier. Reading his excellent book, Dressage for the New Age, is highly recommended.

Nancy Clarke is insured. She will travel to your location, or you may ship to Castlegate Farm, for lessons and training.